Town of Midland Workshop Summary

March 21st, 2012

On Wednesday March 21st, MCPI co-hosted a Municipal Cultural Planning workshop in the Town of Midland with three other partners; Township of Tay, Township of Tiny and Penetanguishene.

This workshop was to educate the municipalities on Municipal Cultural Planning and Cultural Mapping. The objectives were to explore how could MCP work in these municipalities in partnership with one another or on their own and how could the examples presented by speakers be applied/adapted?

Anne Gilbert – MCPI Board Member and Councillor in Chatham-Kent. Anne spoke to the benefits and challenges of MCP in the context of Chatham Kent and brought with her the knowledge from years of advocating and supporting culture in her community. The challenges in Chatham Kent are relevant to the challenges experienced in Midland and area.

To listen to Anne Gilbert’s presentation please click here

We hosted a panel with three experienced cultural planners, to discuss why they embarked on MCP and what were the proven benefits to their communities’. The purpose of the panel was to provide concrete examples of MCP’s and mapping projects that have been implemented in Ontario communities and to hear the impacts and potential short comings of such initiatives.

Onalee Groves - Barrie, presented Barrie’s investment in culture and focused on a few key projects that have been successful in Barrie. Midland was keen to hear from Barrie as they have been an obvious success story in their immediate area and could potentially be a strong ally/mentor through a process such as MCP.

To view Onalee Groves presentation please click here

Michael Martyn - Orillia, presented Orillia’s achievements over the past few years as well as the struggles they have experienced with MCP, council and gaining momentum. Michael spoke to the long community consultation process spanning over 5 years – but with that process has come the knowledge of what the community needs and wants.

To view Michael’s presentation please click here

Peter Tollefsen - Town of Blue Mountains, spoke wonderfully about his experience working on a collaborative mapping project with three other communities and a consultant. This was a project that had tremendous potential but one that also had its challenges. Peter spoke to the issues they encountered and what kept the project from reaching its full potential. This was a great example for Midland as they are thinking about a collaborative approach to Mapping/MCP and this is one of the few collaborative examples that exist in Ontario.

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After lunch Belinda Wick Graham spoke about her experience creating a MCP and mapping tool in Minto (a very small rural community). This was a great example of what could be achieved if any of the municipalities choose to embark on MCP alone. Belinda worked with a consultant and again provided pro’s and con’s to that process and what worked for her community!

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This presentation was a great introduction to our facilitated session, led by Jerry Smith. As this was an exploratory session, Jerry focused the group on two specific questions – How do they see themselves in 5years if MCP is implemented and what are the barriers/next steps to achieving that vision?

To read notes contributed by participants – please click here

We hope that this workshop will move this process along in a positive way for the participating communities.