Wawa – Municipal Cultural Planning Workshop

January 26th, 2012

Municipal Cultural Planning Incorporated, co-hosted a Municipal Cultural Planning Workshop in Wawa ON. The Town of Wawa is currently working on a cultural mapping project led by their Cultural Mapping Resource Coordinator, Johanna Rowe. This workshop provided participants with an understanding of Municipal Cultural Planning in an Ontario context as well as the potential uses for Cultural Resource Mapping in Wawa. With over 30 participants in attendance from Wawa and surrounding communities, the attendees were a mix of Municipal employees and community stakeholders – all contributing to the livelihood of their community.

SESSION 1 – Dr. Greg Baeker, a nationally recognized leader in the -field of Municipal Cultural Planning and Cultural Resource Mapping, presented to the group a comprehensive overview of Cultural Mapping and Municipal Cultural Planning. Dr. Baeker drew examples from varying municipalities and counties in Ontario. He discussed the process of planning and implementation as well as the potential and unlimited possibilities in developing and maintaining a creative Cultural Map and the importance of a healthy Municipal Cultural Plan.

Please click here to view Greg Baeker – Presentation #1

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SESSION 2 – Led by Dr. Baeker and Johanna Rowe- Cultural Mapping Coordinator for the Town of Wawa, the attendees were led through the process of Identifying Cultural Resources. By using the current Wawa Cultural Mapping project as a case study, the group discussed what could be considered cultural assets in Wawa and the surrounding communities.

Please click here to view Johanna’s presentation: Wawa Cultural Mapping

SESSION 3 – Dr. Greg Baeker presented – Cultural Mapping Applications to Municipal Policy & Planning. Dr Baeker reviewed examples of how to apply cultural resource data and mapping toward a variety of strategic objectives. Using Canadian examples participants were given an understanding of both the tangible and intangible results achieved by efficiently utilizing the valuable information collected in a cultural mapping project.

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SESSION 4 – ArtsBuild Ontario presented their newly created ArtsBuild Ontario Facilities Portal – the -first comprehensive and interactive online advocacy tool that will centrally house up to date information about non-profi¬t arts organizations facilities, and their facilities needs, in Ontario. ArtsBuild Ontario will be able to use this information to report accurately on the state of arts facilities in Ontario, thus strengthening and supporting, our need for increased infrastructure and facilities funding in the Arts sector.