Pembroke Municipal Cultural Planning Workshop

March 7th, 2012

On Wednesday March 7th, MCPI co-hosted a Municipal Cultural Planning workshop with the City of Pembroke. There was a great turnout with strong presence of elected officials, municipal employees and community organizations. The workshop was a day of education and conversation for the attendees about the potential of moving forward with MCP across the county. There is a draft Cultural Framework being presented to all municipal councils in the County – the adoption of this framework is the first and significant step in moving this process forward.

Session 1 – Speaker – Anne Gilbert councillor from Chatham-Kent

Anne spoke to the benefits and challenges of MCP in the context of Chatham Kent and brought with her the knowledge from years of advocating and supporting culture in her community. The challenges in Chatham Kent are relevant to the challenges experienced in Pembroke and the County.

To view Anne Gilbert’s presentation please click here

To listen to Anne Gilbert’s presentation please click here

Session 2 – Speaker – Bernia Wheaton, former Economic Development Officer for Perth County.

Bernia was our second speaker and presented two case studies from her time in Perth County that demonstrated the positive outcomes culture could have on a community – by making use of the community’s assets (including its agriculture and culinary culture). There were many strong and obvious connections between the two counties. Bernia used relevant examples that the audience could see being applicable to Renfrew County.

To view Bernia’s presentation please click here

To listen to Bernia’s presentation please click here

Following Bernia, Jerry Smith, our facilitator, took the group through a short facilitated exercise – having each group discuss how what they’ve heard from the speakers thus far could be applied in their community and what does it look like? What are some of the challenges and possibilities? The groups were definitely engaged in this exercise and the notes taken will be transcribed to send back to participants.

To view the group notes from this facilitated session please see below!

Please click here for Opportunities

Please click here for Barriers

Session 3 – Speaker – Melissa Shenk – weather anchor from CTV in Stratford and owner of MS2 Productions (film)

Melissa provided a dynamic presentation on social media and the ways in which small organizations can make use of these free marketing tools. Melissa provided ample examples of ways to interact with their audience/constituents through various social media and video.

Following Melissa the groups put their heads together and thought of how they might interact with their constituents five years from now – and what they might say about their community- what would be different? The messages were all unique and creative and again we have kept them to transcribe and provide back to the participants.


This was an extremely inspirational workshop – and with the work that has already been done – the potential for success in this county is high. It is important that community organizations and municipalities keep the dialogue open to continue to move towards a sustainable and actionable Municipal Cultural Planning process.