“We must put culture and place at the centre of building Canadian communities.”

External Advisory Committee on Cities and Communities (Harcourt) Committee

MCP is about building local economies through culture. It is about municipalities responding to major new economic and demographic realities. It is about attracting jobs in a new knowledge-based economy. It is about building municipalities that are livable and environmentally sustainable. It is about regenerating downtowns and building healthy neighbourhoods.

The work of thinkers such as Richard FloridaCharles Landry and Glen Murray have raised the profile of creativity and culture as powerful new drivers in building local economies and strengthening quality of life. Authentic places bubbling with lively cultural and entertainment options are magnets that attract and retain creative people. This creative workforce in turn generates wealth in an expanding knowledge economy. The old assumption was that people follow business and investment. We now know the reverse is true. If we build communities where people want to live and work, business and investment follow people.